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tv   [untitled]    January 14, 2011 2:00am-2:30am PST

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so on behalf of those people, i want to thank you, because you have given people who at times did not feel like they had a voice of voice. [speaking spanish] what i said was that on behalf of the latino community, i want to thank you for always being there for their concerns, and it is not just those communities. it is every benefit in san francisco that has benefited, and as an attorney and someone who really appreciates intellectual discourse, i always enjoy and appreciate
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having a discussion with chris daly and seeing chris daly in action at the board of supervisors, and i am amazed you are not an attorney. watch out, san francisco if chris daly becomes a member of the california bar. your tenacity is simply impressive, and i think we have yet to hear the last few things about chris daly. there is a lot more work that needs to be done, and on behalf of the progressive movement, i want to thank you for everything you have meant to that movement and for providing the conscience that is needed. [applause]
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supervisor mirkarimi: i appreciate the dramatic turn, but i would like to fund its top -- fun it up. i had to sit next to the sky, so what i have learned as a supervisor is that this energy, which adds to the definition of public power, really teaches you how to bees then, -- be zen, and this is something i have learned a lot, because chris is outstanding in his ability to drive the subjects and press it even to the point where his allies become uncomfortable, but even to be able to do that with a certain amount of clarity that makes me welcome the experience, and that has been attached to tireless advocacy
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that relate head -- really helped set the formula for others in order to achieve whatever your objective is, so aside from any partisanship of whether you agree or disagree, there is a level of commitment, all level of connection that this elected official has really demonstrated with aplomb, even when he would get on your bad side. he would still show his great reverence for wanting to support san francisco in no way he thought best. that is a hell of an energy source to be sitting next to, and i do not think we will be able to recreate that in the near future. there is a feeling it will be missed and some things i do not think we will ever be able to recreate.
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thank you for your time and service, and there is more we will do to really embarrass you tomorrow. his speeches are unlike anyone else, but you have to admit it had to be the best thought- provoking infomercial for his bar. >> thank you. i was talking to my staff, and the first advice was maybe you should say it in chinese. have to say it how impressed i am of your knowledge. you probably know one of two supervisors who know the rules inside and out.
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i respect that. i also respect your passion. you taught me a few new words i have in my vocabulary, so thank you. >> you could teach him those words in chinese. >> i think san francisco is better because you served. it is not always comfortable, and you did not always say the things people wanted to say, but he said the things that needed to be said. you said the things a lot of us were thinking. that is right. thank you for serving. san francisco is better, and the people you serve had a voice, a voice that has never been heard before in the way you said it. i want to thank you for serving and for serving with me. it has been great. let me take that back. it has not really been great,
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because we have had a lot to do. we have had a lot of serious things to do, so in that way we have had a lot of challenges, the big things we have done together, so thank you. >> our next colleague we will be honoring is supervisor dufty. the resolution states in part the following -- were a supervisor dufty has served the people of san francisco with forethought and compassion, elected in september of 2002 and reelected in 2006, were at the age of 21 supervisor dufty worked at capitol hill and the most powerful of arena of the world, and later at the mayor's office, where he came to realize
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it is truly local government that has the power to change lives, by honoring the public trust, by being timely and respectful, and by solving one problem at a time, something he has continued to live by as a supervisor. he has continued to work in close partnership with groups throughout the city, determined to address problems large and small, bringing together concerned neighbors and departments. whereas supervisor dufty recognizes an increasing amount of young adults are working on the street and understanding many of these young people were deeply affected by addiction to crystal meth. supervisor dufty established the castor use housing initiative for the homeless in the castro
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and created a program for providing services, including lyric and dimensions, housing more than 21 adults -- young adults. working with his colleagues, supervisor dufty has worked tirelessly to secure funding for the transgendered economic power initiative, which forged a partnership with jewish vocational services and the transgendered law center, placing more than 100 people into new jobs and providing training making workplaces more welcome. cellphone is the best way to get him, allowing him to take phone calls at any hour of the day, bringing the concept of accessibility to our whole new
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level. whereas supervisor dufty will always be remembered for his tremendous loyalty and as serving as a devoted mentor throughout city government and around the country. let it be resolved that the board of supervisors recognizes supervisor dufty's fast contributions to improving this city and that his independence, intellect, humor, energy, passion, high quality work, tireless devotion, and responsiveness to his constituents will be missed by all of us and not the least of which, his colleagues. and congratulations. [applause] >> thank you. i have to make sure her ride is
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cool. goowhen i ran for office i saidi was like the mary wilson of politics. i have been a backup singer for 27 years before i ran for office. i loved it. i never imagined how different it would be. i promised her the last word, which is a violation of several board rules. i never knew how fun it would be to be the person who answers the call, goes to the scene when there is a fire or another tragic situation, and basically to be accountable and be your own person, and they're very much feel like i have been my own person, not -- i very much feel like i have been my own
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person. i do believe people have wondered how i i'm going to vote more often than not, and they have come to talk to me. i have enjoyed the attention. i have appreciated people reaching out to me, and i have tried to be responsive and respectful to different individuals and difference communities in the city. it is important to have a covenant with the people. i have also recognized that -- you are my best editor. i realize when the expectations are lower, it gives you a chance
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to succeed. i look at sophie and see how much she inspired me in public service and how she inspired me to look highly of the board and not to be critical and to respect what we do as a process, and i am grateful for it. to each of my colleagues and those i have served with over the past eight years, i will seek in person to tell you how much i appreciate it. i will not take that time now. i want to thank stephen, rebecca alma mater and nicholas keene, alex randolph, and todd david, who have all worked for me common -- who have all work for me. sean has been a volunteer for eight years, and it would make a difference for me if we could
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all give sean a round of applause. [applause] i want to thank the people who have worked for the city. i love the people who work for this city, and i think our responsibility so often is to create a partnership between the people who are residents, merchants, and everyone who is a stakeholder of the city, to solve problems and make incredible things happen, and i have worked with thousands of city employees, and i have such respect for all of you and recognize you have mistakes, and sometimes they become the focal point, but at the end of the day people who dedicate themselves to sit the service and public service are people who deserve our respect -- 2 city service and public service are people who deserve your respect and
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support. i want to thank rebecca, and i want to say that when my child was born and there was serious criticism about the intentions we showed, my colleagues stood behind me and knew i wanted to have a child and wanted to have one here in san francisco, because i thought this was a wonderful place to raise a young person, and i knew this would be my life's calling, and i have learned from all of you as parents, those of you who are parents and even watching the new parents who have been touched by shawn and will often say he took some cues from may and avoided some others and specifically to mikheil live, who was an overall model -- to michaela, who was a role model.
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i want to thank the people who worked at harvey rose's office, and i want to reflect on the deborah. i want to thank the people from the comptroller's office, and i would like to thank cheryl adams and ted flaky, who is so happy in his retirement -- ted laky, who is so happy in his retirement. when i went to work with willie brown, who wanted to work in the press office, he did not like the press so much, although now he is a member of the press, and i need to thank mayer brown for giving me the chance. i like people in journalism. i find them fun and entertaining, and i recognize i will have good days and bad days. i try not to read the comments
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to much. i want to thank all the people in the press who do such important work. i want to thank mayor newsom and mayer brown, but many people do not know my career came with -- with my editor here, what did you want to say? >> i love you. bye-bye. >> thank you. i love you. bye-bye. >> supervisor campos. supervisor campos: i do not think i can top sydney on that one. i want to thank supervisor dufty for giving me the opportunity to get to know him
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in the last couple years, and we live in san francisco, and san francisco is a very excepting place, but there is something unique about the lgbt queerer experience, and it has been an honor to serve as the other openly gay supervisor. and now i think it was appropriate he was here as supervisor dufty is now in his last board meeting. i have learned a lot, and i do not want to prolong this, because i know people are waiting, but i do want to thank you for taking the time to share with me your experience, your thoughts, for being so gracious, so generous, and more than anything else for your friendship and for showing me
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through your example of the importance of treating everyone with respect and dignity, of keeping an open mind, your kindness and openness, and the list goes on and on. i have to say sitting next to you over the last few years has made it enjoyable, and you can only imagine two game man sitting next to each other. regent two ga -- two gay men sitting next to each other. it has been an honor to comment -- to call you a colleague and a friend. >> 22 my 4-year-old, i forgot to an acknowledged the parts of the board i worked with. -- because of my 4-year-old, i forgot to a knowledge the people on the board i work with. it heartens me every moment i
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see her do this job. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, president shoe region c-- chiu. there is nothing like looking at angelo when things are not so great to see that composure. when the mayor appointed me to this position six and a half years ago, the first call i got was from 7 dufty -- bevin dufty. it is an interesting name. i learned very quickly who he was. he was a rock in so many ways. you went into his office, and things were skewed.
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he really helped me out in a big way. i was reminded of my first meeting. jennifer was walking around in the back of the room, and kept saying i have someone i want you to meet, and he calls jennifer over. she walked away, and i will never forget him saying you have to hired jennifer, because she will be the best legislative aide any of us have had. jennifer has gone on to distinguish herself in many ways. he reminds main -- he reminds me of when i was young. he would say, how is your mom?
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he would walk to the next person. i saw you at the park. now your granddaughter is getting so grown up. he is that kind of person. he really argued for a very wonderful woman that spoke and was able to speak to a community in a way you do not see most people speak to a community. one of the things about my grandfather is that he genuinely loved people, and that is a quality bevin has. he genuinely loves people. it is something that is demonstrated in everything he does. in my first swearing in, my family was here, and there are
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seven. grabbing chairs and pulling them in, and making them feel very comfortable. his grasp of issues is quite phenomenal, but nothing can surpass his knowledge and understanding of human nature, and i do not think there is a greater compliment that anyone can receive then that they are a people oliver and people know our. i am -- people lover and knower. we worked our way across the dial. -- aisle. i look forward to sitting next to each other throughout the rest of our lives as friends, so with that, i wish you the best, and i look forward to 2011.
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>> so many people love and care about you. isn't he wonderful? you will do well. you are formidable, and you are a man who knows your mind. you have learned when to speak it, and that is important as well, but i think our city has definitely been better because of your love and caring and willingness to search. you are on the phone all the time making sure people have served. thank you for all that you do.
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[applause] supervisor mar: i want to thank him. i sing sidney is lucky to have one of the best dance in the world. you aren't a great -- you are a great problem solver. it really shows how you approach people. i was part of an effort that had to target you a number of times, but you always welcome people with your funny and warm laugh and open arms to listening to what people have to say to you. i think the meetings with pregnant mothers and watching you in action has been great.
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>> from the very first day when i was thrown into the world when -- thrown into the world, and he asked me, are you ok? when we've are at the restaurant, there is not a
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single person that does not know him. they know he is someone -- they get the chance to really love people. i have one request. i know you are going to be around san francisco. my one request if there is any hello kitty stuff you do not want, pass it on. >> i like this see. -- seat. >> i want to thank you for your service. it has been great to watch you. what i like about this work is you bring your full person to the job.
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the surprise of your vote and what your thoughts are. there was a time in 2007 when we committed monday and now, and your -- committed money, and i know it was something you really believe in. i know from your experience and your parents experience coming from the holocaust, all that you shared with us in your thought pattern.
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i want to wish you success in your future and your life and career, and congratulations. [applause] supervisor mirkarimi: i think you are the gentlemen of the chamber, and you have injected coming influences -- calming influence is at the time when this place can be sur rebuttal. -- can be cerebral. i look for examples as to how we do it all with such limited staff and the best intentions
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through volunteers and intern's and your efforts to be constituent-sensitive in your district was one important signal that speaks to everyone here who tries to manage those particular demands. you are a gracious person. it has been fantastic to see anyone capitalize with such allegations being the eighth vote. it is not easy without being somewhat resented, but at the same time it was strategically valuable to see that, and i want to thank you, and i look forward to when our paths cross again.


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